Dental PPC Advertising: What Dentists Need to Know


Dental PPC Advertising: What Dental Practice Owners Need to Know

As a dental practice owner, you know that there are many different ways to market your business. You may have tried traditional marketing methods such as print ads, radio ads, or TV commercials. But have you considered dental PPC advertising? PPC (pay-per-click) is a form of online advertising that can be extremely effective in attracting new patients to help your dental practice grow. In this article, we will discuss what dental PPC advertising is, how it works, and the benefits of using PPC for dentists. 

What Is PPC Advertising?

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is a form of online marketing in which advertisers pay a fee every time someone clicks on their digital ad. Essentially it is a way to bring new visitors to your website, visitors that are already searching for your services. The most common PPC advertising is search engine advertising. Search engine advertising allows advertiser to showcase their ad to users who search for keywords related to their business. For example, if you are a dentist that specializes in dental implants, then you would want your ad to show up when someone searches for the keyword “dental implant dentist near me”.  

Every time your ad is clicked, you would pay a small fee and the visitor is directed to your website. When dental PPC advertising is working correctly, the small fee for the click should be trivial. You might have to pay $5 per click, but it could turn into a $5000 dental implant procedure.  That sounds like a great return on investment!

How Does Dental PPC Advertising Work? 


Dental PPC advertising is particularly effective when incorporated with a search engine like Google. With this approach, your ads will float to the top of Google’s SERP (Search Engine Results Page) every time a potential customer searches for key terms that align with your business. Some examples of keyword phrases are “dental clinic near me,” or  “pediatric dentist near me.” PPC marketing allows your ad to rise to the top of relevant SERPs for free, until the moment your advertisement is clicked by a prospective patient. We will expound further upon the benefits of PPC dental marketing in the next section.

How Does Google Choose Which PPC Ad is on Top? 

You would be right to wonder how Google selects ads to feature at the top of each SERP. As you can imagine, it is competitive to rank in the first position, which is why advertisers are granted an Ad Rank or a means of measuring their validity and alignment with searcher intent. The most important variable in the ad rank is the CPC Bid or the Cost-Per-Click bid. This represents the most amount of money a business owner is willing to pay—which is either determined ahead of time or by means of an auction. Every keyword will have a different cost per click, and the cost per click will even change at different times of the day. For instance, 10 am on a Tuesday would be a more expensive CPC than 2 am on Sunday morning. More dental practices are open at 10 am on Tuesday which means there is more competition resulting in a higher cost per click. 

The second metric is the Quality Score or the credibility of your site in general. Quality Scores are measured by landing page quality, load times, relevance, click-through rate, and other factors—so the better your website, and the more you are willing to pay, the better your chances of achieving a higher Ad Rank. If your website is not technically sound, then you could be wasting 1000s of advertising dollars.

Advantages of using Google Ads for Dentists 

As you can imagine, there are distinct advantages that come with using Google Ads for dentists. One of the best benefits is that you only pay when someone expresses enough interest in your services to actually click on the ad. While this does not guarantee a conversion to patient status, it does raise the odds! Think of it like cold calling in sales versus following a warm lead—people are more likely to get on board with your business if they are already seeking your services!

There are other advantages of using  PPC for dental practices beyond simply growing your practice. These include: 

  • Targeted Advertising – Target the services that bring you the best return on investment
  • Local – You can specify the exact locations where you want your ads to appear
  • Cost-effective – you only pay when someone goes to your website and you can choose your monthly budget
  • Measurable – Data is priceless. With Google ads for dentists you will know exactly which campaign is working and your exact return on investment
  • Fast –  PPC ads go live almost instantly

At the end of the day, adding clients to your dental practice is much like making a sale. Dental PPC management not only drives potential patients to your website but may even save you money on advertising while allowing your business room to expand.

Why should you choose Gravity Dental Marketing for dental PPC Management? 

There are many advantages to investing in Google Ads, including the benefits outlined in the section above. So, why should you choose Gravity Dental Marketing to manage your Google Ads campaign? Gravity Dental Marketing specializes in advertising dental services, specifically online.  Our firm has vast amounts of dental marketing data that we have collected while working with dentists all over the US. Our data includes the best performing keywords, most successful landing pages, and other digital marketing information specific to your dental services. Whether you’re hoping to find clients for “emergency dental” work or “dental implants,” we know how to connect user intent to your keywords, and therefore patients to your practice. We will also keep track of conversion rates and Return on Investment (ROI) and review the data during our monthly progress meetings. The landscape of dental PPC is competitive, but we have all the tools to make sure your dental practice reaches new levels of success. 

Other Ways to Improve Your Practice’s Dental Marketing Strategy 

While having a higher budget always helps when it comes to—well, pretty much everything, it is not necessarily the most crucial factor at play when it comes to getting a search engine to rank your ad at the top of its SERP. You can increase your Ad Rank by improving your dental website design, and even by investing in a dental SEO campaign. All of this adds credibility to your site and boosts your Quality Score, making your practice a more palatable choice for the top of Google’s SERP.  

Gravity Dental: A Leader in Dental PPC Management

It can be tempting to jump in line and throw money at Google Ads like so many businesses do—but when there’s a better option tailored to your line of work, you may have better luck growing your practice by picking a specialized dental PPC marketing agency. When it comes to dental PPC management, results matter—and our specialized agency can help provide your practice with the best possible shot at a high Ad Rank and therefore a premium spot on Google’s first SERP.

Want proof? In 2021, Gravity Dental’s clients averaged a total upwards of 387% ROI for the cost of advertising. This percentage does not include the profit from new patients returning for routine dental hygiene checkups. For perspective, most people who use Google Ads see a 100% ROI after running an ad campaign for their business. That’s nearly 4 times more ROI than Google Ads’ average! 

Want to learn more about how Gravity Dental Marketing can serve your practice? Contact us today!


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